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The Evolution of boat building is happening today. Miller Custom Boats, a family owned company now in it’s third generation, has been building beautiful, fuel efficient, strong and comfortable boats for over half a century. Whether it’s a new 23' Miller Evolution V-Drive Sport Cruiser, one of the Miller Classics, a restoration job or a tooling project, people come to Miller for the exceptional custom boat, hand built to each clients specifications. The Miller’s love what they do and that passion shows in their work.

In addition to the Miller Classics, Miller Custom Boats is offering the new 23' Evolution Sport Cruiser. Using his 35 years of tooling and boat building experience, Jim has created the new design tooled from the ground up. Perfect for skiing and cruising, the elegant., sleek-lined, all-glass Cruiser is available in a 10 seat open-bow model or the 6 seat closed bow. Miller also builds the 23' Sport Cruiser with a wood deck, selecting exotic woods for a one-of-kind Water Hot Rod exclusively for individual clients.

23' Evolution by Miller

19', 20', and Sprinter by Miller


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